Sizing Chart

If size chart is not available on the photo gallery of the product - please refer to the size chart below. Our products can fit small on UK or US Sizes, so if you do not know your measurements, refer to a UK Size chart of a company that you buy often, and compare it to our size chart below. Thanks.

Tops and Bottoms



1 - 30 - 40cm

2 - 38 - 48cm

3 - 50 - 60cm

4 - 58 - 68cm

5 - 68 - 78cm

Pick how you would like your necklace or chain, to stand on your chest, by observing the picture above and the numbers correlate to the sizes.

If you do not know which size to pick, please contact us here, we will reply within 24 hours of your request. We try to offer the best service out there, and if you have an issue with anything, or have a suggestion, we would love to hear it