Update: 10th June 2020

Many of our products are available to order now, see here. Delivery has gotten faster - please refer to the 'Shipping and Returns', as informed by customers, it is still not as quick as normal delivery times, however it is getting better.

Update: 20th May 2020

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, many of our supplies has decreased, so some loved products may not be available to order in these unforeseen times. We are working hard to deliver all of your products that you have ordered, however shipping times have increased - please refer to 'Shipping and Returns' for an update on shipping, but we are making sure that your products get to you and if not we will refund you the full amount and give you a discount for your next purchase.

Also, many of our products are 'not anywhere to be seen', due to many factories and companies closing down in Covid-19.

Update: 7th January

We have just started our store, RLDN Clothing, for an extra 20% off your first order, subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive the code.


Q: Why is there no men or women section?

A: This is because, here at RLDN we do not believe that clothes have to have a specified gender attached to it, we believe that any clothing on our site can be worn either by a man or a woman.

Q: When will you add more products to your store?

A: We are working every day to provide for our customers, we are also researching many different clothing styles, to get the perfect match with the theme of our site, while still being cheap for our customers.

If you have more questions for us to answer, please feel free to contact us here.